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The Graham Crawford Show was created out of a belief that we need to talk about the issues and opportunities facing Hamilton in a way that generates debate and fosters understanding. The goal of show is to provide smart, progressive talk from regular panelists, subject matter experts, and personal observations. The show is posted weekly and always focuses on issues affecting you and the City of Hamilton. All of the people involved in The Graham Crawford Show do so because they believe that dialogue creates understanding. And the more we understand our city, the better we can all help it to realize its potential. All of the shows are recorded in downtown Hamilton in the studios of QED Media. Let’s talk Hamilton.
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Sep 26, 2016


Here are two names you know. Eugene Levy and Martin Short. Both Hamilton boys. Both students at Westdale High School. Both well known as celebrities in the entertainment world. Some Councillors want to create a way to honour people like Levy and Short. That’s just fine.

But why do we want to celebrate people because they were born here versus celebrating them for what they did here.

When does celebrity become the hallmark of what represents us as a city? Why is it that we would talk more about someone who came from here, but who might not have contributed much locally other than perhaps being the celebrity draw for a fundraising event?

What about civic contribution? What about silent, unrecognized, civic volunteerism, year-after-year, that touches peoples lives in unheralded ways? That shapes a kid’s future. That helps a young adult believe in him or herself? That makes the lives of seniors just a little bit more comfortable? That makes living in our city easier, more fun, more rewarding? What about those people?


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  • almost seven months ago
    Ellen Davidson
    I get what you're saying. It's very difficult for me to get excited about someone who may have left here at the age of 6 months but in some cases, and for some people, that's enough to swell the chest in pride. Yeah, a lot of later-to-be-famous guys (gender neutral) have left their home towns but at least under their own power. They may not have contributed much by your definition but what intrigues me is that something in their hometown, in this Hamilton, contributed to them. It's that flip side that makes me proud. Could be a great teacher, or a encouraging neighbour when the parents weren't all that keen, and on and on. That's why I don't worry overly about what they've done for us (that may still happen btw, as they grow older .. who's to say) but I'm enormously proud of what this city gave them that helped make them, certainly in the case of Levy and Short, the intelligent, bright, perceptive stars/ celebrities they are now.