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The Graham Crawford Show was created out of a belief that we need to talk about the issues and opportunities facing Hamilton in a way that generates debate and fosters understanding. The goal of show is to provide smart, progressive talk from regular panelists, subject matter experts, and personal observations. The show is posted weekly and always focuses on issues affecting you and the City of Hamilton. All of the people involved in The Graham Crawford Show do so because they believe that dialogue creates understanding. And the more we understand our city, the better we can all help it to realize its potential. All of the shows are recorded in downtown Hamilton in the studios of QED Media. Let’s talk Hamilton.
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Aug 22, 2016

Straight talk about the Councillor from Ward 8 and his so-called "report".

As you probably know, Ward 8 Councillor Terry Whitehead produced a 58 page ‘report’, and I use the term loosely, that was essentially a Googled grab bag of articles and documents related to LRT.

For me, what’s just as troubling as is the report’s content, is the report’s intent. Why would a Councillor choose to spend money from residents creating a report when we have professional staff and consultants who do that very thing for a living? Why did the Councillor choose not to ask staff to do this kind of anti-LRT research if he had misgivings about the validity of the data that was being used by staff, by Metrolinx, and by municipalities and higher levels of government throughout North America, Europe and most of the rest of the world?

I think we need to question Councillor Whitehead’s actions. Or, for that matter, any Councillor who would choose to do something similar.

In this edition of the Cityist, I list 10 things to question.

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