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The Graham Crawford Show was created out of a belief that we need to talk about the issues and opportunities facing Hamilton in a way that generates debate and fosters understanding. The goal of show is to provide smart, progressive talk from regular panelists, subject matter experts, and personal observations. The show is posted weekly and always focuses on issues affecting you and the City of Hamilton. All of the people involved in The Graham Crawford Show do so because they believe that dialogue creates understanding. And the more we understand our city, the better we can all help it to realize its potential. All of the shows are recorded in downtown Hamilton in the studios of QED Media. Let’s talk Hamilton.
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Jun 20, 2016

This edition of the Cityist is about leadership. Leadership of the municipal kind. The kind of municipal leadership I think most of us would like to see more of. When I started to put my thoughts together for this show, I found myself reflecting on what kinds of questions I’d been hearing from Councillors over the past few months related to LRT. In particular, I thought about questions I’d heard asked by Councillors of Paul Johnson, our senior staffer on the LRT file. Then, I asked myself a question. Do questions BY leaders raise questions ABOUT leaders? Think about that for a second.

Can we judge the skills and expertise of our Councillors by the quality of the questions they ask?

I think the answer is yes.

Thank you for listening to this edition of The Graham Crawford Show. Let's keep talking Hamilton.


The Graham Crawford Show with host Graham Crawford

Executive Producer: Alex Zafer

All shows are produced and recorded by Dave Beatty at Q.E.D. Media studios in downtown Hamilton.

  • almost ten months ago
    rolfe baltzer
    Always a treat listening to your wise words! What are the underlying costs for the LRT that are not covered by the province? I don't know who would know this answer & also know these costs have to be paid sooner or later. Thanks Graham, I will keep on listening!