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The Graham Crawford Show was created out of a belief that we need to talk about the issues and opportunities facing Hamilton in a way that generates debate and fosters understanding. The goal of show is to provide smart, progressive talk from regular panelists, subject matter experts, and personal observations. The show is posted weekly and always focuses on issues affecting you and the City of Hamilton. All of the people involved in The Graham Crawford Show do so because they believe that dialogue creates understanding. And the more we understand our city, the better we can all help it to realize its potential. All of the shows are recorded in downtown Hamilton in the studios of QED Media. Let’s talk Hamilton.
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Nov 7, 2016

On this edition of the Cityist - Can We Afford This Kind of Thinking About Affordable Housing? I talk about the decision by Councillors to finally include some affordable housing (of the affordable home ownership variety) on Pier 8.

The 5% commitment is too low, but it’s a lot higher than what Chad Collins, and others, had planned for Pier 8. In fact, it’s really the lowest it could be and still be able to talk about a percentage. After all, who would talk about setting aside 2 1/2% of the units for affordable housing? I think we should have stepped out a bit more and talked in terms of 15%. Perhaps even higher.

Staff have been complicit in deflecting questions about a commitment to affordable housing on Pier 8 from residents for almost 2 years. So many people who attended those many West Harbour public meetings spoke so passionately, and tenaciously, in support of more affordable housing - many of them from the neighbourhoods where the housing would be located.

That speaks to a kind of kindness and compassion on which truly great cities are built. They put what was best for most ahead of any personal gain or concern. For me, this was a hugely meaningful moment in Hamilton’s history - people wanting to make more room in their own neighbourhoods for people who need a little bit of help.


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